The spiciest preparation by FULLMETAL, years of study, development, tests, and more tests have finally resulted in all the work being condensed into a preparation of the highest level, meeting our expectations. 

FULLMETAL: Online Airsoft and Tactical Equipment Store

We are the leading page in Spain for Airsoft products and tactical equipment. Our store offers Airsoft replicas of all types (electric, gas and CO2, and spring) with exceptional after-sales service. We are trusted distributors of major brands such as Tokyo Marui, Specna Arms, Krytac, and VFC.

We also act as organizers of MilSim events, widely recognized in Spain for our history of MilSim and long-duration games.

Our location in Malaga allows us to make fast and cost-effective shipments to Spain and Europe. We have a workshop service to repair and prepare high-performance replicas for our customers.