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PTS Mid Cap Charger EPM 150 bbs version 2023 - Black

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FM03135 | Brand: PTS
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PTS is innovative for several reasons and these excellent magazines are proof of it. Manufactured in a high impact polymer and with a high quality spring, these are the right magazines for high performance replicas or high end preparations. No doubt you will not find better ones in the market.

In fullmetal we are users of these loaders for more than 10 years (the previous model Pmag) and they are still working as the first day.

PTS's improved polymer charger is their new 150 medium capacity circular polymer charger for AEG. Externally, it features a Dupont polymer housing, with recessed panels for better grip and unique magazine well guides that reduce snagging.

When the magazine is fully loaded, an orange follower appears at the base of the clear bullet window and the 556 dummy rounds are for display only. It allows the end user to pick up any EPM magazine and immediately know if the magazine is full to capacity and ready to run, as it also acts as a visual indicator for the user to show that it is full.

The bottom of the base plate is designed with an angled surface and a rubber over-mold on the underside. This combination of features allows the user to rest the gun on any flat firing platform and have more contact with the surface with better traction and therefore greater stability.

Technical features:

- Color - Black

- Material - DupontT Zytel® high performance reinforced polymer

- Dimension - 185 x 85 x 30 approx. (without packaging)

- Weight - 185 g approx. (without packaging)

- Compatibility - AEG V2 Standar Type M4/Hk416 and its variants.

- Capacity - 30/120 cartridges

Upgrades for 2023:

-Full load indicator by means of an orange piece peeking out from underneath.

-Improved polymer base foot with angled surface and dot matrix

-Base plate compatible with PMAG® RANGER PLATE™ - GEN M2 MOE® 5.56,

-Original EPM® foot rubber

-High efficiency compression spring

-Transparent inner part of the magazine for easy inspection and repair.

-Redesigned size bbs port for better compatibility.

-Unique magazine structure reduces snagging.

-Texture along the twists has been changed to ridges for an even more positive feel.