LITEBUCK LBRM1913-CB-02-AA Rail Mount 1913 Module (Coyote/Green)

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FM00273 | Brand: LITEBUCK
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The patented LITEBUCK LBRM1913 module can be mounted on any 20mm MIL-STD-1913 rail. The LITEBUCK LBRM1913 module mounts quickly and stays securely in place.

The included LBSM light module can be easily and quickly replaced with a new one of the same or different color (sold separately).


- Weight: 14 grams
- Dimensions : 50mm x 43mm x 12mm
- Luminous unit: 1 LED luminous unit included
- Maximum illumination time: 130 hours
- Visibility: 200 meters
- Control circuitry : High efficiency, constant voltage and voltage constant
- 4 lighting modes: Fast strobe (3Hz), slow strobe (1Hz), steady on, off.
- Switching: Manual (easy, one-handed operation even with gloves)
- Water resistance: Certified to 60 meters depth for 30 minutes
- Material: Nylon/polymer PA66 (better long term durability) and silicone
- Drop resistance: certified at 30 meters in free fall
- Tensile strength: 13kg